Premium Trading System

A simple and yet powerful forex trading system.
We providing few different type of Trading System bundle to compatible every different trading style of Trader.

About Subscription

We are not only provide trading system but also with following services included.

We had made 4 Trading System,there are suitable for all type trader here. Whether you are a Scalper, Day Trader or Swing Trader,we made different types of Trading System that suitable different kind of Trader here.

Below are the Services and Trading System that included in subscription.

  •  SUTFX Full Trading System (Provide 1 Years Update),System Belong to you but you will no getting any update if your membership expired.
  •  Premium Market Forecast Services for Fundamental & Sentiment Analysis (Can only access when you are within the membership period)
  •  Group for Discussion with technical analysis chart also with signal if any
  •  We on the way making a Stable Profit EA, It can be Trend EA, Martingle Grid EA with tweaked safe value for long term and more once everything is tested.(*Only Providing Update within membership period,*Current We had no yet publish any EA until everything is stable##it is just extra features for giving our member for upcoming release.)
  •  Some other Special Premium Indi will be provided for Member, we will also release more benefit to our membership.

Feature Of SUTFX Premium Trading System

First,we making the system it because the trading system can help us filter out the bad trade and trend and giving us a clear of market direction and also the Trend of the current market.

Currently There are 4 types of S.U.T Premium Trading System

There are S.U.T HOLY TREND, S.U.T SUPREME TREND, S.U.T BREAKOUT, S.U.T GOLD MINER, Every Different Types of system suitable for different types of Traders. There are Trend System for Day Trader Mid Long Term trader and also Swing Trader,There is also a Breakout Trading style suitable for scalping or even grab the PIPS easily on identify a Breakout Trades easily. There is also a Gold Trading system tweaked for Gold ,it may also using on Forex Pair.

SUTFX HolyTrend is a very flexible Trading System it allow Trader to Combines It technical Analysis such as Elliott Wave,Harmonic Trading.Although the system is very Flexible ,But it is also a very stable profiting Trading System. SUTFX HolyTrend Trading System is suitable for Trend trading, Swing Trading. It let you always in the Current Trend.

SUTFX Breakout System design for Short Term Trading or even scalping for Trade Breakout. We added some Indicator combines the best breakout trading. It allow u catch the Breakout trade easily and avoid the Fakeout Trade.

The SUTFX SupremeTrend is design for H4 only because it is compatible to higher TimeFrame only and allow Trader to made a Mid-Mid Long Term Trading, Normally a trade may run above 1 days and closing it with maximize of pips.

The SUTFX Gold Miner is design for Any TimeFrame,Normally Using on M15+H1,M30+H1+H4, using multiple TimeFrame for comfirmation ,it is compatible for any TimeFrame with Multiple TimeFrame Analysis and allow Trader to made a Short-Mid-Mid Long Term Trading, Normally a trade may run with static Pips of SL&TP.

SUTFX Premium Trading System


Expert Advisor metatrader EA Project Started From 2016, Now Only Available As Private System ,Thanks For Your Support.

Reminder: Investing is risky, although the trading systems with very high accuracy, but still not 100% accurate, so Buyer must be think wisely! Trader must take their own risk to bear the Profit and loss.
Statement: Our Trading System had no Refund Policy, Once sold are not refundable, Our trading system is Private System,any customer trying to spread the trading system will be permanent terminate account.

Feature & Services

Feature 1

Clear on trend following trading without counter the major trend, no more big loss on counter trend!

Feature 2

No more complicated of signal or unclear trend, we make it simple , easy and clearly.

Feature 3

Our target always Maximize Profits, Minimize stressing! Better Risk Ratio. Enjoy Low DD.

Feature 4

Beginner of Trader? No worry, our site with all the tutorial article and also our systems is user friendly with Guide Doc (EN,CN)included!

Services 1

We provide a group for all our Members for discuss.

Services 2

We provide a Premium Forecast services for our annual subscriber. (1 year period)

Services 3

A lots question here? No worry, Contact Us immediately, Our support always here.

Services 4

We provide continuous updates to optimize our trading system when needed(within membership period)

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